Fully detached villa situated on the edge of the neighbourhoods Archipel and Willemspark, offers 625m² of private land. The Archipel and Willemspark are known for their international character as many Embassies as well as many expats reside there. After renovation, a practically new villa will emerge behind the 13-meter wide façade with approx. 380m² floor space. The presentation of the villa is in keeping with the architecture typically found in the Archipel and Willemspark. The visible heights of the different floors, with a minimum height of 3m40, serve as a prime illustration.

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In terms of layout, separate provisions are made on the ground floor (front left side) and entire second floor to meet the demands of an au pair or short-stay guests. The design of the floor plans allows for these separate provisions whilst guaranteeing the privacy of the main residents in the remaining living areas. The villa has nine rooms and on each floors a number of bathrooms. The floor will be carried out in oak parquet; the ceilings will be generously provided/equipped with ornaments.

The on-site parking spaces, offering approx. 4 spaces, are made lockable for the residents by use of a specific entrance pass. An overall advanced alarm system meets the highest security demands of the residents. In the same way will the renovation works meet the standards as one may expect from present (2015) standards. As a general principle, maximum use of the existing heights will be made along with the usage of high-quality insulation and finishing materials. Altogether, the result will be a high quality finish.

Further specifications concerning the finish are available for inspection. 

Ground floor (height approx. 3m50)
There is a kitchen on the ground floor which allows for an Ambassador, or expat, to pleasantly and efficiently host dinner parties for approx. 25 guests in the living area. A flexible wall system can provide the necessary privacy between the kitchen and dining area. A fireplace (gas) is situated in the living area. The room at the front left side of the villa, mentioned earlier as an ideal space for short-stay guests due to the separate provisions made available, makes also an excellent room for a study room, a cloak room during social gatherings or as a reception room. Although the room can potentially be used independent, it may just as easily be fully incorporated all together with the home. The entire rear of the home can be put wide-open giving access to the garden with monumental trees. During summer hostings, in combination with the garden, guests can equally be comfortably accommodated due to the facilities that have been set up in the garden house in the back of the garden.

First floor (height approx. 3m50)
The entire first floor consists of four large bedrooms with two bathrooms and an adjacent laundry room. French doors provide the two bedrooms at the rear side access to the balcony, which runs along the entire width of the rear of the first floor, overlooking the garden. Simultaneously, the veranda designed at the front side of the residence allows the left front chamber to pleasantly enjoy the evening sun.

Second floor (height partly approx. 4m50)
The second floor is brightened with generous natural light as a result of the skylights and dormer windows. At this point, the layout of the second floor allows for maximum flexibility in taking into account the preferences of the potential tenants. The possibility is offered to opt for one or two additional rooms. The existent bathroom and pantry guarantee a high degree of autonomous use of this floor. The technical areas, including the central heating and ventilation areas, are also situated on this floor.

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  Renovated villa with veranda
  Den Haag, Schelpkade 46-47
  380sqm, 625sqm private land incl. 4 parking spaces
Period   2015

  Centacon B.V.
070-360 14 91

The Hague Real Estate Services
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  1. De Klok
  2. Stadhouderslaan
  3. Haagse Hoge Huis
  4. Javastraat 25
  5. Villa Paulowna
  6. Van Bylandt Huis
  7. De Wildernisse
  8. Javastraat 58
  9. Mauritskade/Parkstraat
  10. Volmerlaan
  11. Azura Centre
  1. Transformatie kantoorgebouw
  2. Verduurzaming kantoorgebouw
  3. Résidence Emma
  4. Schelpkade
  1. Schelpkade
  2. Campus Universiteit Leiden
  3. Herontwikkeling Haaglanden Megastores
  4. Toekomstvisie Haaglanden Megastores
  5. Sterrenbad
  6. Dagelijkse Groenmarkt
  7. Biografie

Villa Willem II